Hey... Whatever you are... Please leave!
— Dalv, in front of his house

Dalv is the boss of the Dark Ruins, the first major area of the game.



Dalv is a humanoid monster with fangs, horns, and wears a dark purple cloak with a hood that conceals his face. His appearance is similar to, if not based on that of a vampire. He also wears a medieval shirt behind his cloak base on the overworld sprite, if the protagonist spares him in a Pacifist or Neutral run.


Dalv is socially awkward, and claims to desire solitude. He will often monologue over how he sent the other monsters away, and how he wonders if they ever really cared about him, which is often interrupted by Clover. Despite that, he later reveals that he does not actually want to be alone, but rather fears that any friends he makes will leave him behind the moment they grow tired of the Dark Ruins. When hanging out with Clover, he seems very happy to have a friend to talk to. He likes writing and illustrating stories for children and enjoys growing and eating corn.


  • Dalv is "Vlad" spelled backward. This is a possible reference to historical figure Vlad the Impaler whom the fictional character Count Dracula was based on.
    • The backwards naming convention is likely a reference to the

character Alucard ('Dracula' spelled backwards) from the Castlevania franchise, or alternatively their namesake from the 1943 horror film Son of Dracula.

  • Several of Dalv's attacks, for example the vertical/horizontal

lightning blasts, resemble the lightning attacks used by Dracula in early installments of the Castlevania franchise.

    • Dalv's stance while firing tracking lightning (cape raised over one arm) is similar to Dracula's characteristic pose while attacking.

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