Daddy05Tale is an AU based off a Youtube vlogging family of the same name. The story has been edited a lot to function with the family aspect, and the lack of more characters.

Character Roles

  • Cody = Flowey/Asriel/Chara
  • Mommy05 = Toriel
  • Daddy05 = Asgore
  • Ryan = Sans
  • Alex = Papyrus
  • Jake = Undyne
  • Emma = Alphys
  • Mettaton = (WIP)
  • Frisk = A Viewer
  • Gaster = Lucariotheskeleton (just as an Easter egg, and that i'm a huge Daddy05 fan.~ ^w^)

Note: Since these people are all family, the Undyne and Alphys date scene and romance hints has been scraped from this AU entirely.


Daddy05 and his family were a normal family on Youtube, which in this AU is its own location. They were extremely popular, but one day, they started to see a MASSIVE decline in subscribers and viewers. Cody has been being extremely bad recently, and he had recently been being very violent. This caused there channel to be age restricted. When they tried to leave there channel, the restriction would not allow them to leave. Do to this, they banned Cody from the channel entirely, as they believed he caused the block. They built a utopia in the space they had in the channel, hoping that it would attract viewers. It, unfortunately did not. But one day, A viewer came. They were so excited, they gave the viewer everything they could give. Not to long after that though, the viewer tried to leave. This caused a fight to keep the viewer there, which Daddy05 had accidentally killed the viewer. The viewer's soul was near the barrier at the time, and the barrier shook, this is when Daddy05 came to the realization: If he were to gather the souls of viewers, he could break his family out of their channel. Not only did this disgust his wife, Mommy05, but this disgusted his children as well. They all left Daddy05 and went their separate ways.

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