Jake is the Daddy05Tale version of Undyne


Jake, being the oldest child, was appointed the he head of the royal guard, which in this universe is named "Team Daddy05" To keep an eye out for viewers. But Jake soon grew more and more determined to hunt down and kill Cody. Daddy05 directly ordered him not to do this. But, Jake was still blood thirsty and set off to accomplish his own goals.


Jake looks the same as he does in real life, but now he wears a heavy suit if armor, and has a scar on his right eye. He has a sword as well.


Jake is very unemotional in most situations, but will often say "shut up" to anyone who disagrees with something he does. He will also take the chance to whisper dark and demented things into an opponents ear if given the chance.


  • Sword (Acts like Papyrus's bones, appearing in rapid succession)
  • Whip (He will use this on random areas of the battle box, and they will sometimes sweep all the way across as a blue or orange variant.)



Jake was trusted by Daddy05 very much, until he learned of Jakes plans to hunt down Cody. Now, he attempts to hunt down Jake, not to kill, but to simpily throw into the dungeon.


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