Ryan is the Daddy05!Tale version of Sans


Ryan has been appointed as a sentry on Snowdin path to keep an eye out for both viewers and Cody. He works with his younger brother Alex.


Ryan is laid back, and memeish. Unlike Sans, his "Papyrus", Alex, he acts very cynical towards and laughs when he fails. Dispite that, its obvious he cares a lot.


Ryan looks just like he does in real life, but he wears a black jacket, sweatpants, and a pair of socks.



He still trusts Daddy05 is doing the right thing, but will still keep the promise he is keeping for his mother.


Mommy05 and Ryan still talk, against Daddy05's wishes. Mommy05 made Ryan keep a promise to protect viewers who fall. This promise by Mommy05 wasent an act of kindness however, and she did it simply to spite Daddy05.


Alex and Ryan are brothers, (Alex younger, Ryan older) and they work as sentries in Snowdin path. He picks on Alex with Jake, but he does it out of fear of Jake.


Ryan is terrified of Jake, but does everything he says in fear of him. Even picking and sometimes even harming, his brother. Ryan has been appointed to Jakes first hand.


Emma and Ryan dont interact all that much, but when they do, its likely for them to fight or get into an argument.


Ryan and Cody hate one another. Ryan helps Jake hunt down Cody, against their fathers wishes. If they were to see one another, Ryan would be the first to attack.


  • Nerf Gun (Acts just like the Gaster Blaster, but with a smaller hit area.)
  • Bat (acts just like Sans's bones) (has blue and orange variants as well)

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