Cody is Flowey the Flower in Daddy05Tale.


When Cody was banned from the channel, he started to go insane. He was dying for attention. He tried millions of ways to get back in but it was no good. He was ready to give up, when he found some strange buttons inside of the ruins. They were the "REFRESH'' and "SAVE" buttons. He tried SAVE first. Nothing happend. Then he tried REFRESH. Yet again, nothing happend. He tried to go back to his family. When they saw him, they attacked unmercifully, as he was banned from them. He died i the battle. But, he came back to the place where he SAVED. He discovered he could try to get back into the channel, with little to no consequence if he faild. So he tried again and again, always failing. At one point, he discovered the truth abut viewers souls, and that they could set them free. So instead he tried to harbor the power of the souls, so he could create his own channel to rule, and destroy his fammilys. Now, he simply waits for another viewer to fall.


Cody looks the same as he does in real life, but he wears a green shirt all the time now.


Cody will put up a friendly, sweet facade when the Viewer first appears, but soon show his true colors. He attempts to kill the Viewer, but will be ran off by Mommy05.


  • Frendliness Legos (they are the exact same as frendliness pelets, except legos.)



Cody and Daddy05 were constantly fighting. It was onvious they cared about one another, but they would just fight, and fight all the time. Now, Daddy05 is the one who keeps the eye out for Cody most of all.




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