"I just LOVE to destroy people's dreams!"
– DTM talking to S.T

DTM is a glitch in the Undertale Files that started when the player tried to make Sans's abilities harder so they could have a more challenging GENOCIDE ROUTE, instead, it created the skeleton glitch know as "DTM". He is also an inter-dimensional criminal that escaped "Error!Sans".


DTM is a skeleton that has the same body shape as Sans. He has a black hoodie, gray shorts with white stripes on each side, and red eyes. His palms have infinity signs on them.


DTM's personality is more difficult than you think, he is sometimes really ambitious (not as much as Papyrus, though), but he can also get SUPER SERIOUS. Being the God of Glitches (See Gods page) he can get into some trouble, but he can also get out of it very quickly.


Glitch Movement

He can make things starts to glitch and disappear just by thinking about it. He has done this once to Error!Sans's blue strings.


He can hack himself to get into different AUs and he can hack things to do random stuff like talk and walk, he uses this power a lot due to this being his main power.


He can use his hands to make things become under his control and destroy them by clutching his fists.


  • Caring to much: If you starts to care too much, someone could kill him without DTM noticing
  • S.T: If S.T hacks DTM, he could be deleted forever.



DTM and ST don't get along very well.


DTM and Error hate each other a lot.


  • DTM's SOUL color is BLACK to represent hate.
  • This is WIP!!!

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