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The main character is a twelve year old girl named Hannah who liked drawing stuff in her free time. She had issues at school but art made her happy. One day when she went to sleep she woke up to a surprise that changed her life forever. Her drawings came had come to life overnight through pure determination. She was able to make friends with most of the drawings but the others not so much.



  • Age: 12
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Human
  • Hobbies: Art
  • Personality: Very kind hearted and is good to everyone and always polite when she can be, despite having very bad depression. Very angry if you hurt who she cares about though. Cares about everyone, even people with evil intentions.

Paper Sans

  • Age: ???
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Skeleton Drawing
  • Hobbies: Hotdogs and Puns

Paper Sans was one of Hannah's favorite drawings. It was of a small skeleton who liked to sleep. Was also one of the first drawings to become friends with Hannah as they got along very well. Has a brother named Paper Papyrus that once was almost torn apart by Paper Chara which made Paper Sans get angry causing his eye to light up scorching his paper body (Like in canon Undertale where his eye *glows blue/yellow, not burn*, but it's not very good if you're made of paper.) He now has a burn spot around his right eye. Hannah redid that part of him to get rid of the mark, later getting angry at her father for hurting something innocent. Paper Sans is also friends with Paper Toriel and Hannah herself of course. Paper Toriel and Paper Papyrus help Paper Sans find happiness in life because Paper Sans is very unhappy because he has very little friends.

Paper Papyrus

  • Age: ???
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Skeleton Drawing
  • Hobbies: Spaghetti and Puzzles

Paper Papyrus is the brother of Paper Sans. Has a lot of confidence and calls himself "THE ARTISTIC PAPER PAPYRUS". His paper body is covered in red stains from the spaghetti he cooks. Occasionally leaves puzzles around Hannah's house which her parents beat her for because they think she made them. Paper Papyrus apologizes for this because he cares about Hannah a lot!

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