This character is not meant to be really OP because he is heavily inspired by DJ octavio from splatoon
DJ Asgore was the ruler of the Underground, but Left his Job and was hired by Error sans to destroy every sans.



hes looks alot like Undertale Asgore but with some minor changes. he wears his purple cloak and his pink Hawaiian shirt under, he has his golden crown and he sometimes wears a rainbow visor.


hes not that kind but he still loves tea, he loves Remixing and making songs and is full of rage.


  • Fire ball: were the speakers would is a hole witch shoots out fire
  • Arms: he uses them to smash sanses into peices
  • Dubstep cannon: fires extremely large sound waves made of lasers but any opponents that are caught in the sound wave will be killed.
  • rocket arms
  • force field: its impossible to use magic or attacks you new to reflect one of his attacks to hit him


one day he was drinking tea then he looked on the undernet and saw lots of love to sans and none to him so he was full of rage, that rage made Error appear and error offered him a job to destroy every sans in the multiverse. he accepted the offer.

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