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"Do YoU REmeMBeR me?"
– FlOwEy

What if the player deletes Undertale? What does Undertale looks like after? That is what DELETEDtale is created. The logo of DELETEDtale is the same to Undertale, but it is somewhat glitchy, the letters are out of place, and the heart is upside down.

DELETEDtale (Formerly known as GeTouTTale) is an another AU by Bone Apetit. After the player deletes Undertale, Frisk never exists there, because without the player, Frisk wont exist. There is no access to this AU, unless you find its hidden codes. Don't ever think about adding them in AU Tage, as they might corrupt the path where are they goin'. Since Frisk doesn't exist, resetting, true resetting doesn't exist as well. There is no way to get yourself back to normal, as you might make the other monsters corrupt more worse.



"TH#R# I$ N0 W@Y TH@T I C@N H@ND!E TH!S."
– S#N$

Some of the characters is slowly turning into dust, some of the characters are glitching out, and some of them are doing BOTH. Due to this event, the monsters start to forget who they are, how did they do it, what they are, where they are, everything. If you touch them, you're hurting them. The monsters, due to their corruption, have more than 20% of your body is merged on someone, but you are still on control of your body, but you will be stuck like that forever. Some of the main characters speak on codes. Trying to kill them will not work. Just like the amalgamates, however, they still feel pain.

The Skelebros' hole in their hand was placed on the opposite side of where their eye came from, if Papyrus' glowing eye was on left, a hole will be on the right instead. The other characters in Undertale (Froggit,Moldsmall,Everyone) speech depends how corrupted are they. There will be a corrupted chart after this.

This AU is more like CODEtale than DELETEDtale, however, the reason why they are different is because they are corrupted, making their voices different.

Flowey - Also known as: FlOwEy. He speaks on broken caps (Alternating upper and lower case). His body is 5% corrupted.

Toriel - Also known as: T_R__L. Some of the letters of her words are replaced with underscores (EX: ``O_ MY C_ILD`` ) she speaks in all caps, but she is not mad. 50% of her body is corrupted, the half of her is Asgore (She does not wear what does Asgore wears, she still weara her robe), while the other half is herself.

Sans - Also known as: S#N$. Just like T_R__L, he speaks on all caps. Instead of underscores, he speaks in Symbols, (I might give you the translator when I make his page.) 27% of his body is corrupted. He was shown wearing a scarf, and gloves, in which his body was merged into Papyrus. Sometimes, he can be seen having scars on his eyes, and a single big hole in his left hand which is glowing cyan due to glitches.

Papyrus - Also known as: P4PYRU5. He speaks in lowercase, and some of his letters are replaced by numbers, (I might give you the translator when I make his page) 21% of his body is corrupted. He is shown wearing a jacket, and wearing slippers since he was merged with Sans. Sometimes, he starts to randomly glitch, having scars and a single big hole on his right hand, which is glowing orange.

Undyne - Also known as: Unyden. She is different than some of the characters, her words, sentences, and name, are jumbled, including everytime she try to say anyone's name. [EX: Snas]. If you're an expert at jumbled words, you might know what she is saying. She is only 15% corrupted.

Alphys - Also known as: CIPHER (The only one with a different name). She speaks in number ciphers, but what kind of number cipher? Reverse cipher. She is 32% Corrupted. Half of her face is painted blue, Beneath her lab coat is a black sleeveless shirt. As she is merged with Undyne, she randomly glitches out like the skelebros, wearing a purple cape, and horns.

Mettaton - Also known as: MeTtATON. He is inactive in this AU. 7% of his body is corrupted.

Asgore - Asgore, the most corrupted in this AU. His speech always changes into Symbols, Numbers, Underscores, Letters, Jumbled letters, Broken Caps, EVERYTHING. His speech is normal until 5 seconds of waiting, then it starts to change. They are 80% corrupted, he has the highest corruption percentage.

Chara - Due to Frisk being non-existant, they are not seen, and they are the only character that is not corrupted. However, Only the deities, or the players can see them.


The Locations, just like the characters, were corrupted too, and it was different than the original, the colors are changed, or the appearances are changed, the flowers changed, and changed colors.

The Ruins - It is not purple anymore, and the puzzles are already solved due to glitches. It is now the color green, and the plants are purple. The signs are unreadable due to glitches ruining the writing.

Snowdin - Instead of light blue, it is very white. The Puzzles are too, already solved, and the solutions can be seen. The sign in the town is ripped out due to Characters getting mad or insane.

Waterfall - While the location is named Waterfall, there are many traces of lava to be found in the area. You can still swim on it, though. The water and the Lava might fight for the possession, and when Lava is the king of the hill, its very hot. Due to glitches, again, the flowers switched places, and the puzzles are already solved. Three of the flower puzzles are already solved. You can go to the abandoned quiche, and the sign, but. You cannot read and use them. Both are red.

Hotland - The lava is now made of water, and the area is now blue, the Puzzles, are already solved, and the traps are not on.

New home - Due to glitches, it is light gray, and it is full of snow. There are plants there though, however, due to snow, it is covered. All the flowers are buttercups.

Throne room - The Chair is upside down.


The idea behind DELETEDtale was , "what if the player deletes Undertale?" This event cannot be reversed. Downloading Undertale was the solution but, the timeline is different. There is no way to find this AU in the codes, since the whole thing is deleted. And corrupted. Or hidden. However, there are ways to get there.

If you're a Deity, you can get into this AU, but. It would be hard due to glitches. They hide the codes, but there is one way to get in there. There is a rare chance that it will pop up in Undertale's code. And don't worry. It wont send too many viruses on your game since its not canon.

Corrupted Chart

1% - 10% - This is the rarest corruption in the whole underground, as everybody only gets 10% and above, however, there is 0.5% chance of obtaining 1% - 10%, and if you obtain that, you always take care of yourself, and try to avoid things that will get you on trouble, only the deities obtain those, as they slowly get corrupted, except for Error, since he is already corrupted, and he might not be affected in this AU. However, its hard for him to find this AU. Your speech is in broken caps.

10% - 20% - Few monsters have this. You might take care of yourself for a bit, and you're always happy (as happy as you can get there). There is a 1.5% chance of obtaining this. You get free jumbled letters as reward.

20% - 30% - It seems like you couldn't take care of yourself if you get this. There is a 2.5% chance of obtaining this, and a bit of monsters have this. You get Symbols, or numbers if you are higher than 25%.

30% - 40% - The chances of corruption get higher and higher if you never take care of yourself, Luckily, there is 1.2% chance of obtaining this. You get ciphers.

50% - 60% - Corruptions, glitches, you got it. A 2.0% chance of obtaining this, and with it comes a free shipping of underscores!

70% and above - Depression, Despair, Sadness, the king. There is 0.1% chance of obtaining this. If you obtain this, you probably don't take care of yourself, and probably depressed. You are the most glitched one in the underground, now, enjoy your life. [ONLY ASGORE HAS 70% and ABOVE]


  • This AU is also inspired by Und_rt_le

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