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Who are you? What are you doing here?
— Cyclia

Cyclia (pronounced Seek-lee-uh) is a character in the AU Forevertale, created by Cinder. She is an orphaned monster who lives in Snowdin with her siblings, Chito and Kyler. She doesn't have any friends except her little brother Chito, who she is very protective of. She is fifteen years old and goes to Tri-City School. She is a schizophrenic.


Cyclia has long mostly purple hair with multicolored strands in it and lavender eyes. Cyclia looks mostly human, but she has small feathers that are a greenish color and larger feathers that come out of her back as wings and where her tail bone would be as a tail. Her wings are light blue with darker blue lines going form her back to where her wing tips. Her nose is sharp, resembling a beak but not fully being one. Cyclia has a scar going across her face that has green feathers.

Cyclia's Baton

Her baton

She wears a red shirt with a slanted bottom and sleeves. Cyclia has sleeves that are long enough to cover part of her hand and her shirt is a v-neck. Her shirt has a thin vertical stripe along the sides of her sleeves. Cyclia wears sweat pants and plain shoes. Her wings come out of her shirt and her tail out of her pants. Her weapon is a colorful baton that she will use to control her magic. She can make other batons to attack with or she can create feathers that she will send at her enemy.


She is introverted, and very hostile at times when people who try to talk to her. She often ignores people when they try to talk to her, and refuses to talk while in front of large groups. However, she is not shy. When she doesn't ignore people, she is very assertive. When she needs to talk to someone, for whatever reason, she doesn't hesitate to tell them what she wants to say to them.




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