* Hahaha! Wow! You guys SUCK at this.

* This AU/OC trash would never meet the requirements and ought to be revised to conform to the standards.

* If you think this is wrong, just go and tell why in the comments and get your own, twerp.

* Does ANYONE care?


The AU Crybaby!Frisk is all about Frisk's gruesome life. Like Melanie's Crybaby character, all of this is a song/story. This AU was made by ραίġє тнє иoтєραđ cяєαтίvє in Google plus. Her profile:


I don't know, so here are my guesses:

Sippy cup.

Toriel = The drunk mother.

Asgore = The father with... someone else.

Alphys = The "someone else".

Papyrus = Johnny/Alphabet boy.

Frisk = Crybaby.

Sans = The Big Bad Wolf.

Chara = Melanie.

Mettaton = Mrs. Potato Head.


Probably there --->

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