Crimsontale is a AU created by Griiffin_Bruh on Scratch [1]

The story is mainly about the color red.

The story follows a Young girl named Rosa who is the Third Human to fall in the Underground. She owns the Soul of Passion, Sans is replaced by a Skeleton named Scarlet. She can use Red Bone which are incredibly flexible and can use Flame Blasters and shoot fire. Flowey, instead takes place as a flower named Merlot. There is also Toriel who has a upside down red Delta Rune on her chest.

The Mad Dummy is named Sangria, and is instead a Girl, not a boy. With Napstablook, she is "Velvet Blook" not "Dapper Blook"

The Demo, is still new. This is the Pre-Release: [2]

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