• Creator!Sans is a protector and creator of AUs.
  • Creator Sans is like Ink!Sans , but Creator hates Ink because he wants to protect and create by himself, not with someone helping him.
  • Creator!Sans's brother is Destroyer!Sans. They do NOT hate each other, but destroyer got killed by Nightmare!Sans.
  • Creator sans is only 12 years old and his favorite food is cake.


  • Creator Sans has blue and orange shoes, a green hoodie and black shorts. His shirt is gray.
  • His eye sockets are blue and orange with eyes that are like Ink!Sans' eyes, which also change shapes.
  • He always wears headphones.


  • Creator's powers are gaster blasters, blue and orange bones, the power to change gravity, and to create whatever he wants with magic.
  • He can read people's minds if he is wearing his headphones.
  • He only has 1 HP because he does not hurt or kill ANYONE.

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