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Createtale is a moderator AU. There are only 6 characters inside it. All 6 (with the exception of Destroyer) are artists of some sort. Not counting The Demon, 3 of the characters are overrated, while 2 are underrated.


Main inhabitants



  • It used to be a horrific, dark and depressing AU, until 4 new characters came to be.
    • This is one of the first AUs to undergo a massive change, and not just bits and pieces in different places.

How to find it

Createtale is a universe in the Multiverse of Undertale that has never been found. The Demon has hidden it well, and it can only be found if one already knows where it is. The Demon made it her job to know everyone that knows where Createtale is, but they only know it from her, so she only tells those she can trust. She gets nervous, paranoid and angry if someone she doesn't know enters Createtale, as she had reassured her "children" that she knows everyone to know where this universe is hidden.


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