"Oy, f*ckface!"
– The Demon, in her common annoyed and angry state

The Demon is an unnamed character in Createtale. She is a digital artist, as well as the only canon female of the AU. She is basically me, since I have a large ego. (not too large though)



She has a sharp tongue and a temper. If one of her "babies", as she calls them, misbehaves, she will tell them that they exist because of her. She is sometimes loud and eccentric, but is mostly cranky, tired and apathetic. She takes pride in her work, even if others don't think it's that good. She will yell at others that insult her, to the point of getting violent. She is a perfectionist. Others, such as Destroyer, describe her as supportive.


She has the appearance of a chimaera. She has orange hair and red eyes, her hair is chest length. She has yellow horns, brown animal ears were her human ears should be, a black demon tail and green bat wings. She has a pink snake tattoo wrapping around her arm on her right arm.

Her outfit varies, but her favorite colors are green, red and blue, and she loves boots.

Weapons and Abilities

Despite holding the power of deletion, she rarely uses it, as she sees all articles as good, and worth protecting. Her favorite power to use is something she dubs "Digital Painting". Using this power, she can turn anyone to binary with the smack of her wings. She prefers man-made weapons over summoned ones, and often fights using a sword.


She feels like a failure if any of her "babies" are in danger. Her state like this makes it hard for her to regain herself to save them.

Despite her feeling like a failure if her "children" are in danger, she will eventually go and save them.

She is incredibly lazy, and often doesn't like to do anything but sleep.

Her main weakness is food, namely pizza. If it were used in battle, she'd forget what she was doing.



She cares deeply about him, and will become violent if anyone hurts him. She taught him how to draw.


She loves him deeply, and will protect him in a fight. She tried to teach him how to draw, but he failed. Despite that, she still loves him.


She taught him how to cope with his colorblindness. She also taught him how to draw, write and be a leader. She cares deeply about him, and was pretty angry about an incident with another AU, in which Scrap was involved.


While she cares deeply about Etch, she is concerned about him. She often has to bail him out of jail, which is really tiring for her.


Despite her irrational fear of needles, she taught him tattooing by allowing him to give her a tattoo, since they are the only ones able to get tattoos, since the others have no flesh. She cares deeply about him, and will encourage him to carry on with his dreams.

Crazy Nude Artist Sans

She is slightly unnerved by him, but she is not afraid of him, and often tries to help him with his work. She gives him encouragement.


  • She states that if she were a sprite, she'd be edited off of The Dress Lion.
  • She has Trypanophobia, the fear of needles, and slight Haphephobia, the fear of being touched. Despite her two fears, she allowed Stylus to give her a tattoo.
  • She is slightly more intelligent than an average 14 year old.
  • She can read at a 12th grade level. Despite that, she rarely ever reads a book without pictures.
  • Though she hasn't told her "children", her least favorite of all of them is Etch and her most favorite is Destroyer.
  • She has dragonlike instincts, such as protecting her "treasure", which is her "children".
  • She does and will bite, though having no venom, she has very sharp teeth, and can break the skin.
  • She hates doctor appointments to the point of Stylus having to carry her.
  • She hates when people are spamming her page.
  • She has a fondness for comedy and horror movies.
  • Her real name is Nymphodora, but she has wiped that name from everyone's memories repeatedly.
  • She needs glasses to see, but despite that, she hardly ever wears glasses.
  • She suffers Arachnophobia (fear of spiders), Katsaridophobia (fear of roaches), Haphephobia (fear of being touched) and - her biggest - Trypanophobia (fear of needles), calling them "smol instruments of death".
  • She hates combat.
  • Before becoming The Demon of Createtale, she originated from Underfell.
  • She has a past, shrouded in darkness, which she refuses to talk about.
  • She would never admit it, but her 3 favorite users are Undertaleauwikipersonandthings, TheNitroFlamer and Alphasaith.


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