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Crafter's Tale is an AU created by DustyTheGoat. As the name would imply, it's a Minecraft-based AU.


Name Species Role Gender
Steve Human The Player/Protagonist Male
Stoney Silverfish The Empty One Male
Bauern Villager The Caretaker Female
Grässlich Ghast The Recluse Male
Hervor Evoker The Judge Male
Vincent Vindicator The Ambitious Male
Cupa Creeper The Idolizer Female
Streun Stray The Captain of the Guard Male
Schale Husk The Royal Scientist Female
Enderton Enderman (Shulker in box form) The Celebrity Male
König Zombie The Monarch Male
Köauern Zombie Villager (Baby) The Soulless Angel Male
Brine Deceased human/demon The Fallen Male

Location Changes

Original Area New Area Name New Area Description
The Ruins Ruined Village A village that has gone into ruin. Not many creatures live there anymore.
Snowdin Rufwoods A forest that has many dark oak trees and giant mushrooms as far as can be seen. There's also a village in the forest somewhere...
Waterfall Icespikes A cold tundra with many giant spikes of ice. Enough said.
Hotland Hotsands A heated place with sandy grounds, many puzzles and a laboratory.
The CORE The End Generator A place made of end materials, such as Purpur, End Bricks and more.
New Home New Dungeon A small location made of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone. It's the capital of the Underground.
True Lab Hellish Lab Home to many failed experiments, this location is built with nether brick for the most part.

Music Changes

Original Track New Track Name Lietmotifs
Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time, Dry Hands (Minecraft)
Your Best Friend Your Stoney Friend Your Best Friend, Cat (Minecraft)
Ghost Fight Ghast Fight Ghost Fight, Wait (Minecraft)
Heartache Emerald Shortage Heartache, Mellohi (Minecraft)
sans. hervor. sans., Ward (Minecraft)
Nyeh heh heh! Herrgg-hut!! Nyeh heh heh!, Chirp (Minecraft)
Bonetrousle Axescuffle Herrgg-hut!!, Bonetrousle
Spear of Justice Arrows of Slowness Spear of Justice, Blocks (Minecraft)
Battle Against a True Hero Battle Against the Three-Headed Beast Battle Against a True Hero, Thirteen (Minecraft)
Alphys Schale Alphys, Strad (Minecraft)
Metal Crusher Block Ripper Metal Crusher, Stal (Minecraft)
Death by Glamour Demise by Ender Death by Glamour, Hal 1 (Minecraft)
The Power of NEO The Power of NEO The Power of NEO, Thirteen (Minecraft)
Bergentrückung König der Toten Bergentrückung, Credits (Minecraft)
ASGORE KÖNIG König der Toten, ASGORE, Emerald Shortage
Megalo Strike Back Brine Slashes Back Megalo Strike Back, Eleven (Minecraft)


  • While making this AU, Dusty realized how big the Minecraft soundtrack actually is.

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