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CorruptTale is an Undertale AU in which the code and the files are glitched out,causing the universe to be corrupted  All the characters' souls are corrupted except Flowey. The AU is based on HELP tale. (Creditos to the creator of HELP Tale).

About the AU

The plot of the AU is simple. Gaster is trying a machine that is supposed to act directly throught the universe's code and files. All the characters and their souls except Flowey (due to the lact of having a soul) are corrupted horribly during the process. Flowey takes the human souls and escapes the corruption. Then you,the player,has to convice them to help you by fighting them.


  • Toriel - TORI. Becomes headless and loses hands and feet during battle,but gains a floating face in genocide.
  • Sans - npc_comedian. Has a crack on his head,loses arms and legs,in which he drops liquid. He has a creepy smile with empty eyes.
  • Flowey- Flowey. He's still the same
  • Frisk - Frisk. Same than before.
  • Papyrus - futurecaptianoftheroyalguard.  Still to be told.
  • W.D Gaster - Mysteryman?. He is melted together with all of his followers including Goner Kid.
  • The Humans Souls/The Six Fallen Humans. Once you battle them,they help you fix the characters.
  • More coming soon....


CorruptTale Toriel


Corruptale Sans


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