"Heya, i'm Corbel"
– Corbel introducing herself

Corbel Is a Secret identity Of Corly (CNAS-Tale) and a recurring Character.


Corbel Is Either Good Or Bad.

When she teams up With Creators Or Protectors,She is Kind and Happy.When She teams up With Destroyers,Shes Rude,Savage And Hateful.



Corbel Respects エイリアス In all ways,Even if Corbel Dislikes it or not.


Corbel Respects Ghoul as the same way as エイリアス.

The CNAS-Tale Crew

Corbel Likes to Hangout with The crew alot of times.


  • Corly Before Wanted Corbel to be a Separated OC,But that idea got Discarded,The reason was that TUTF And TNF Had Alias,That was the reason.
  • Selena And Sarah (Yes,Corly's Creations In CNAS-Tale are Fragments of their Original Counter parts) are the only ones who is aware that Corbel is Corly.


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