Corly is a character in CNAS-Tale who represents the user Corly.


Corly is Kinda cheerful but somethimes depressed about the vandalisim.

Abilities and Weaknesses


Art Manipulation

Corly can manipulate any and all types of art with a paint brush.


Corly has the ability spin-dash, meaning she can curl up her body in a ball and charge it against her opponent.

This attack can be boosted when Corly's SOUL is boosted, making the attack more powerful.

Shield and Blade

Corly can manifest a shield and a blade in combat, but only when her SOUL is at Max power.

Soul Creations

Corly has the ability to create SOULs when she is not in battle. She can give these SOULs to her creations to give them life (E.G: Blue-Erry with a freedom SOUL and Core with a slavery SOUL). Corly can also make SOULs with mixed traits (E.G: Coral with a fear and love SOUL (Also known as a pacifist SOUL). Corly can also keep her creations alive without a SOUL (E.G: Selena, Violet Blue and Sarah).


  • When it goes to flying she cant fight on air.


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