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Brief introduction

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Controllertale is an au made by @ shin-holly (tumblr) and further encouraged by @ askthelewisfamily (tumblr)

"it's basically an AU where everything is the same except most of the monsters have TVs for heads (with the exception of Alphys and maybe Gaster). The TVs make sound according to the monsters personality/hobbies. For example, Sans’ would be stuck on a comedy or a drama channel, Asgores on a gardening show, Undynes on an anime, etc etc…

Frisk is a “controller”. They have the ability to change the channel which changes the monster. So say Undyne was on a drama/action channel (coz she tries to kill Frisk like in the original) and Frisk fought and befriended her. Her channel could then be changed to an anime channel and this would change the way she acted. Humans have the ability to change these TV monsters and that’s why the monsters feared them and hid away in Mt Ebott"- shin-holly

(further updates coming soon, check out the two tumblr accounts for more information)

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