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ContributorTale is a self-insert AU created by TheNitroFlamer, made as his attempt to cash in on the popularity of all the Self-insert AUs popping up on the wiki. The AU itself takes a more darker tone than most other self-insert AUs as a response to all other self-insert AUs, which usually follow a really similar, light-hearted tone, with very minimal variation.


The AU's story takes a dark turn to the Undertale story line. Along time ago, humans and monsters roamed the earth in peace. One day, a human became sick of the flawed government of the world, and decided to make his own empire. He and others teamed up and waged war on the rest of the world. The rebellious empire lost the war, and as punishment, were sealed in a chasm with a magic barrier, only able to be broken with 14 human souls and 28 monster souls. The empire set up their own civilization, called the Underground Empire, and lived free from the outside world, with one main rule that any surface dweller who fell down the chasm must be executed. Overtime, the underground managed to gather the souls required to brake the barrier, with only one human soul required. Despite how it sounds, the government is cold and corrupt itself, hosting a wide variety of strict, unfair, almost sadistic laws, and the citizens all live in fear of the oppressive king.


If you want a role in the AU, leave a message on TheNitroFlamer's message wall or in the comment section of the page (or if you're lucky, ask him on live chat). Make sure no-one has any of the roles you want, and if they do, pick another role you want.

Main Roles

  • The Protagonist/Player Role (Frisk) - Kkcantgetright7
  • The Empty One Role (Flowey) - Createsans
  • The Caretaker Role (Toriel) - UndertaleTrash3
  • The Judge Role (Sans) - Theundertalefan355
  • The Ambitious Role (Papyrus) - Oheo4
  • The Captain of the Royal Guard Role (Undyne) - Fusionx963
  • The Recluse Role (Napstablook) - JuicyLovesMC
  • The Royal Scientist Role (Alphys) - Puns and hotdogs
  • The Celebrity Role (Mettaton) - Carl, that kills people!
  • The Monarch Role (Asgore) - TheNitroFlamer
  • The Soulless Angel Role (Asriel) - Cameronthedarksoul
  • The Fallen Role (Chara) - Midnight the Undertale Lover
  • The Forgotten Scientist Role (W. D. Gaster) - Createsans

Minor Roles

For minor roles, ask for the role you want and add it to the minor role section if allowed.

  • The Restaurant Owner Role (Grillby) - Createsans
  • The Outrageous Vender Role (Muffet) - AskGus

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