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ContainmentTale is where all the characters are contained in an SCP facility.

Quick overview of Characters

Frisk- She is called Dr Frisk, she studies DT and contained three monsters: Flowey, Memoryhead and Riverperson.

Chara- A class D that went insane, and has gone to either MentalTale or AsylumTale.

Flowey- He is classified as safe since he can't kill anyone in 1 hit, and they have armor so his pellets won't do a thing.

Toriel- She is classified safe since she loves all class-Ds and takes care of them, but when the class Ds leave she incarnates them.

Sans- He is classified safe, all he does is tell jokes and puns and drink ketchup.

Papyrus- He is classified Euclid because he acts very strangely. (he's different to his UT and other AU counterparts).

Undyne- She is classified Euclid, since class-D fight back and win so they don't die but some do.

Alphys- She is classified keter, she created Memoryhead and she could create more deadlier SCPS.

Memoryhead- Classified Keter, it can send nightmares and even worse; one day if it takes control of you, you will commit suicide.

GASTER-type: Null

Mettaton- He is a keter since no one can destroy him (Alphys built him to be a killing machine).

Asgore- Euclid, he's pretty calm and won't harm anyone, but he can if he must.

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