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A long long time ago, there were console characters and PC characters. One day a war broke out between the two races. In the end, the PC characters were victorious. They then sealed the other characters Underground with a powerful machine.

Many years later...

PC people say that those who climb console mountain never return.

Hello and welcome to ConsoleTale. While this may be added to Candidates for Deletion, tell me what I need to fix. If you want to make sprite I would be more then happy to have some. I will give credit and that is a promise.

In CT, all the Console Characters from Console video games are replacing original UT characters. As you've seen in the intro, the PC characters forced the Console characters Underground. Here is the list of who replaces who.

Main Cast

Frisk- Normal Frisk is the fallen human.

Flowey- Sonic replaces Flowey, with his catchphrase being "In this world its go fast or DIE."

Asriel- Paper Mario.

Toriel- Luigi would replace Toriel. This is amazing because the fireballs can be the same but green. The type of pie would be candy mushroom pie which he would cook with his Electrokinetic powers.

Sans-Issac Clarke from Dead Space replaces Sans. This fits perfectly- instead of the soul being blue, it would be slowed by stasis. Sans and Issac both have telekinesis. Also, the Gaster blasters would be replaced with plasma cutters. The bones Sans throws would be necromorph blades. He wears his advanced suit with a brown jacket.

Papyrus- Master Chief (John 117) would replace Papyrus. If you spare him he would not date you but put you through training. Like Issac, his Bones would be a blades. You guessed it- the blades would be energy swords. Instead of making you blue, you would be slowed down like Issac. His armour has the colour scheme of UT Papyrus. His scarf is green.

Undyne- Samus Aran would replace Undyne. Instead of spears, there would be blasts from the Arm Cannon. The yellow spears would be murderous beams. When in her Undying form, she is in the PED suit.

Mad Dummy- N/A. Tell me who you think it should be and give me details about their personality.

Asgore- Mario replaces Asgore and is usually seen as a push over. He wears iron armour and a cape.

Alphys- Dark Samus from Metroid relpaces Alphys.

Mettaton- MegaMan replaces Mettaton. When he goes into X mode, he becomes MegaMan X. Instead of legs being amazing, his robotic super strength is.

Greater Dog- Big Daddy replaces Greater Dog.

Grillby- Scorpion from Mortal Kombat would Replace Grillby. He is a really ¨CHILLED out guy¨.

Chara- Sans from Undertale would replace Chara. Instead of killing the player downright, they fight them until the player is dead.

Please tell me who I forgot (if I forgot anyone) and who I should replace them with.

Also, if you want, you could tell me suggestions for the minor cast.

About the stats in the AU

Love is replaced with Code (Control Of Digital Elements). When you would be on a Genocide Run, you would have 19 Code. This means that you have killed and deleted souls of characters.

EXP is replaced by BNC (BiNary Code).

Resets are now called reprograms.

Instead of the soul being a heart, it is a computer chip.

When a character dies, they turn into code, and the code disappears.

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