"Hello! I'm Consolas. I'm sure you met Fixedsys. She's my sister, the lazya**."
– Consolas upon meeting

Consolas is Fixedsys' older brother and caregiver. He is a rogue guard of The Meat Factory, like TNR.



He is very outgoing and loud. He was chosen as a guard because he is vigilant, and it is hard for things to get past him. He is a bit arrogant. After learning more about The Meat Factory, he quit and ran away with Fixedsys. He is very protective over Fixedsys, despite the fact that he insults her.


He has white bones and no hair. His pupils are white circles. His "interesting" feature is two horns on his head, like daemon horns.

As a guardsman, he wore a suit of armor, that was silver with a green hue. After he went rogue, he wore a red long sleeved shirt, jeans and red sneakers. Along with his clothes, he wears a black cloak.



He cares deeply for his little sister, despite calling her names. If she is hurt, he gets very worked up, and tries to kill the last person he saw her with.

Crazy Nude Artist Sans

He has a disliking to CNAS. He states that he "wouldn't trust him as far as he could throw him". He doesn't hurt CNAS, however, since Fixedsys has a crush on him.

Times New Roman

He respects TNR as a fellow rogue.

Century Gothic

He has a remote crush on Century Gothic.


  • He has a bad habit of swearing.


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