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Template:About the monster/humanTemplate:About the monster/humanComictaleTemplate:About the monster/humanComictale is an alternate universe which is even more action-packed than the original UT.

CT! SansTemplate:About 2ndTemplate:About the monster/humanThe Sans of this universe feels more inclined to keep his powers a secret even from his brother. CT Sans is less patient than the original and will secretly destroy anyone or anything from the inside if they even have shifty eyes. CT Sans does not want to help his brother as much, as he can look after himself.

This Universes version of Papyrus is as you can see in the edgy or happy box. Edgy as hell, Ct! Papyrus has let go of everything childish and become a fully grown adult leaving Sans to live in their original house and Ct! Sans has been forced to take on the job of sentry duty.

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