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This is an AU where Jered (yellow soul) goes Neutral, and afterwords Alphys and Undyne get married. They have a daughter named Krita. Later, another human falls down and kills Undyne. After their journey, Asgore kills them. Flowey steals the souls, and turns into Asriel. Five years later, Asriel gains another Human Soul, gaining the ability to send one monster back to a time they desire. Out of empathy, he sends Krita to Frisks time. Unfortunately, Undyne hasn't come back to life. But Krita knows that by changing Frisks path, Undyne will be back. In the end, Krita ends up bribing Jered throughout the game to go pacifist. NOTES

-Key places where bribed; Ruins, Waterfall, in the middle of Muffets battle, Core

-Krita eventually fights you; similar to the plot of Asriels battle

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