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This AU has no further presence online than this page.
ColorTale is an AU giving the main characters (and the mini bosses) their own color theme. If you wanna check out the story, here you go! It's at a prologue, and you can decide whether it's could be a full story or not.

About the AU

Every main character (and Muffet & Napstablook) has an aura of their theme color surrounding them. Their enemy's soul turns that color for the battle.

If the human is defeated by one of the aura-ed monsters, the human's soul will turn that color until they are defeated by another aura-ed monster. The only way to turn the soul back to its normal dark purple color is to return to the surface.


Character Color Reason
Frisk Purple (dark) Part of sweater
Flowey Golden Color of petals
Toriel Red-Orange Color of fire
Napstablook Blue (light) Color of the outside of his house
Sans Blue Jacket color
Papyrus Orange Usually paired with him
Undyne Green SOUL Mode in her fight
Alphys Yellow Skin color
Mettaton Pink Color of EX form
Muffet Purple SOUL Mode in her fight
Asgore Red Color of trident
Asriel Rainbow Has six SOULs in his fight
Chara Red (dark) Color of eyes in Genocide Ending



During the neutral ending, Omega Flowey is surrounded by a goldish aura with tints of orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, and purple. When the battle is over and you can spare flowey, If you kill him, he'll say, "Heh... good luck, Y/n," breaking the fourth wall for two seconds, and the game crashes. If you spare him, "What?" *spare* "What are you doing?" *spare* "Do you think I've learned anything from this?" *spare* "If you let me live, I'll kill you." *spare* "I'll kill everyone you love." *spare* "?" *spare* "Why are you doing this?" *spare* "Why are you being so nice to me? *spare* "I can't understand." *spare* "I can't understand!" *spare* "I just...can't understand..." *Flowey ran away* then, the game crashes


When all your friends are in an incredibly convenient line, a vine grabs them, and the whole spared-monsters-come-to-support-you thing happens. Then Flowey takes their souls, and there's a big, colorful flash of light. Then, the ASRIEL DREEMURR fight happens, but more of an epilepsy warning than usual.

After Asriel transforms into goat kid, a rainbow aura surrounds him, and he starts to cry.

  • "Y/n, I'm sorry. I'm sorry our plan didn't work. I missed you...."
  • "wait. You're not really Y/n, are you? Well, then, what is your name?"
  • "Frisk? That's... a nice name."
  • "I'm sorry, Frisk. I'm sorry for everything."
  • "I understand if you don't forgive me after all the awful things I did."
  • [Forgive]
  • "What? Frisk... come on, you're gonna make me cry again."
  • "But now, I have a job to do. Right now I can feel everyone's hearts pounding with the same desire. It's time monsters finally go free."

Asriel breaks the barrier and restores your soul back to its normal color.

  • "There you go. But, Frisk, my time is running out."
  • "Without everyone's souls inside of me, I can't maintain this form forever."
  • "I'm going to turn back into Flowey."
  • [Comfort]
  • You walk up to Asriel and give him a hug.
  • "Ha... Ha... I don't want to let go."

You spend a few minutes telling him he'll be alright, and Asriel lets you go.

  • "Well, my time is running out. Goodbye."

He walks away.

When you go back to the menu, it's not Flowey telling you not to reset, it's Asriel.

  • "Hey. Turns out I could hold out for a little longer."
  • "Please, don't push that button."
  • "Just let Frisk live their life."
  • "When I was a flower, I wanted to reset everything."
  • "but thinking back on it, it wasn't such a good plan."
  • "But you've probably heard this 100 times already, haven't you, Y/n?"

He then turns into Flowey and says:

  • "If you erase everyone's memories, then you have to erase mine too, ok?"

Then the menu appears.


After you kill Flowey, Chara pops onto the screen. Chara says her bit of dialogue, but then, your soul floats up. It turns from red to Dark purple, but there's dark red around the edges. then Chara does her jumpscare. When you go to the menu, Chara appears and says, "Are you happy with this? Are you fine with being a killer? No? Well, then, if you really aren't happy, then listen to me. Please, when this chat is over, press reset. Do the good ending, don't hurt anyone, and, please, tell Azzy I miss him." Then the menu appears, and the reset button is glowing like a motherfucker.

Mini bosses

So, I don't really have many ideas for the mini bosses' color themes, but I'll let you guys pick. YOU CAN EDIT WITHOUT ASKING, BUT NOTIFY ME ON MY WALL!!

Doggo - Blue (Color of attack)

Greater Dog - White (His color)

Special Temmie - rAndOm (tEmmIE)

R01 and R02 - Light Pink (Their Love)

Amalgam - Red (Determination)

Did i get all of them? Hopefully.

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