done edit without owner's permission . CodeLess!chara is in the group of the code people such as Code!asriel and Code!frisk but she hated code's so much she deleted her own code even if it meant she had to die.


she is vary aggressive and do not have any friend's and is alone but when she had code's before she turned evil before Code!frisk came Code!asriel was her brother and they where best friend's she was so happy but then it happened and now she in mean not depressed despite being alone and she now being evil want's to make Code!asriel evil to but Code!asriel is between not good nor bad CodeLess!chara is trying to make him bad but Code!frisk is trying to make him good so Codeless!chara is angary at Code!frisk for trying to make Code!asriel good so now Chara's trying to kill Frisk. Chara is vary patient and also desire's to delete every code ever She hate's code's so much she deleted her own code's even if it meant dying.


CodeLess!chara used to be happy and nice she was so nice to her brother they would go everywhere together they where the best family and they where so happy every day there mom made them breakfast every day and there dad would read them stories every night they lived the perfect life until one day someone attacked his name is Infected he nearly destroyed everything and everyone but when they figured this out asgore told his children to hide in the code's he walked to a secret room grabbed out a gun and open a portal and put the kid's in the code's and told them to wait until he said it was okay and they did being in the code's changed them slowly and slowly they changed more and more until they decided to get out and once they did everything was gone and everyone was dead then they realized that they where in there for 4 year's but being in the code's they did not age and they did not starve chara was filled with anger now hated code's and developed the power to delete them and once she find's Infected she will finish what asgore started. and she deleted her code's even if it meant dying so she did and nearly died but her determination kept her alive.


She has brown hair normal skin color when she is deleting code's her right eye is red with a Dark gray pupil but normally she has green eye's and black pupils and a medium size chunk of her front lower face piece is missing but it do not go all the way through and it's where her code's are suppose to be but she has no code's so it's black same with the top right of her left hand and bottom right foot but the foot chunk is white with a red stripe and instead of green it's indigo with brown pant's and black shoes.


  • Code Deletion : she highlights code's in red ( she can highlight up to 100000000000 code's at max ) and once there red she delete's them but she mostly dose that after there dead because she want's to give them a more painful death.
  • All chara's powers
  • Code portal : she can go in the code's
  • Hacking : she can not hack all thing's only the easy stuff and again she dose not use this much.
  • Code Slash : like chara's slash but stronger ( she prefers this or just her Code knife to kill people )


  • Still has happiness in her.
  • Dose Brash thing's at time's.
  • think's she's the strongest.
  • weak to Code's Brightness and Gun's

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