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Codechange is an au where the codes in the clasic universe were changed. This makes changes in both personalities and appearances. There are little changes in the story but the rest might be the same.

About the Au

The universe of UT (undertale) continued its normal course. But Frisk reset so many times, that the codes of the universe are altered so much so that an alternate reality is created. The characters changed their code so that their personality became the opposite of the original.

Character changes:

  • Papyrus: He's a pretty sarcastic person. Sometimes it can become unfriendly. He does not take anything seriously. Although if you get to know him well, it is not so bad
  • Sans: A very rational skeleton. He is faithful and he hates bad jokes. He is active and likable also often tries to cheer Papyrus. If for some reason you kill Papyrus on the genocidal route you will face him.
  • Undyne: She is quite unsure of herself. She takes her time to think and reason. But when it's time for truth, she does not hesitate to face her rival.
  • Toriel: A careless and unfriendly woman who, since she fled to the ruins, thinks that way. In a fight, she broke one of his horns. Once the human came, she was glad to have company and became a little more kind.
  • Asgore: Someone selfish and cruel. He is a ruthless king. When they killed his children, he was filled with anger and despair. If in the battle against him you do not stop to forgive him, you can draw a pacifist end. (Obviously if you did not kill anyone).
  • Flowey: It is the same as Undertale because his code is linked to the determination.
  • Frisk: The same as flowey.
  • Chara: The same.
  • Asriel: He is cocky and lonely. Even sometimes it can become a bit spoiled. But if you talk to him and you understand him well you will have a pacifist ending
  • Muffet: What a humble spider! She is in poverty and needs help. If you collaborate with the spiders of the ruins, she will be in debt to you.
  • Mettaton: She is depressing and lonely. She often needs motivation to achieve her goals. But if you motivate, help and worry about her, she will become the Mettaton that we all know today.
  • Napstablook: It is very irascible. Quite difficult to negotiate with him. And if for some reason you kill Mettaton, before you face Asgore you will face him.
  • Alphys: Basically, it's the opposite of Undyne. She is sure of herself perhaps too much. She does not think much of things and under pressure is not very good that we say. She was going to be a royal guard, but since she liked being a scientist and Undyne wanted to be in that position, she gave it to her.



You free the monsters to the surface. If you give Asriel half of your soul he may still be able to live. They become your new family. But, if before this end you have made a genocidal route, you will not be the same Frisk as ever.


If you kill all the monsters of the underground LV, XP and LOVE will continue to rise creating an alteration in your code. Your determination will turn into hate and Chara will be able to dominate your soul giving you two options: reset or delete.


  • This end is the same as the original. The only difference is that Flowey will gain more power because instead of killing Asgore's soul he will absorb it.

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