code!frisk is a code character she is the master of the codes and a multiverse judge


she was a normal person until error!sans attacked them he made sure she died but she came back by determination she came back as a code thing


she is calm though she rarely encounters people she can get very angry and attack. she does not like it when people mention her past


  • code control- she can control some codes but she rarely does this
  • 101010100111010- this power can make her copy powers unless they are overpowered or are there ultimate
  • code jutsu- she can make more of hers made of codes


she does not fight much and her stats are low


error!Sans: destroyed her so she hates him

ink!Sans: is her friend and she likes the work ink does

code!asriel: she is trying to teach him good

codeless!chara: is her enemy but she try's to befriend her


  • she does not have any codes

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