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"Greetings, my child! I am CLOVEY! CLOVEY the CLOVER!"
– Clovey's Introduction, Comic #2

Clovey, is a Soulless Clover Monster.

She is Toriel's Soulless Self and is the Empty One Role.



"Frisk, little one, you are a NEUTRAL FACE TRASHBAG!"
– Clovey before killing Frisk

When she first met Frisk she thought they were nice, with the puns. She got bored of puns though, so, she got annoyed.

She had trouble killing Frisk, but, she was happy when she did.

Monster Kid

"MK, my child, I am sure at some-point you'll capture a human!" "Yo! Thanks, Clovery!" "Its Clovey."
– Clovey telling MK he'll catch a human

Their good friends and Clovey's only happy with him.

She always regrets killing him. But, she only reset 15 times before Kyra fell.


". . . life's so lonely without Gorey. I - I can't live without you, Gorey . . ."
– Clovey before killing herself

Clovey misses Gorey.


In her 5th Reset (first 10 she didn't kill anyone) she helped Temmie. She gets annoyed by the inproper grammar, but, she dealt with it.

She eventually reset, though, since, the Amalgms were to creepy.

True Genocide

In True Genocide, Clovey gets killed after telling Cara her story.

She loves Asgore but gets killed to quick.

True Pacifist

Toriel, after turning into Clovey, finds she can't cross The Barrier, since she's Soulless.

Asgore comes soon and brings her up.


She fights you as


She uses the same attacks as Omega Flowey.


  • Her battle sprite is the Flowey with Toriel Face Battle Sprite
  • Post-True Pacifist, she's the antagonist and tries to seal everyone underground, and, she's the Angel of Death

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