Cleanser is a Sans variant created by Spectron (irl Vincent Endethyst). He was created to remove "cancer spawners", or cringey concepts, such as Yaoi, Fontcest, etc. from the Fandom, and clear the multiverse of cringeworthy AUs.


Cleanser is a thinner, taller version of Sans. His bones are very dark grey and outlined in blue. He wears a black jacket with red fur as well. Underneath he wears a grey t-shirt. Instead of slippers, he wears blue sneakers. His running shorts are the same, aside from the two red, verticle lines on each leg. He is much more sinister-looking, with red, sharp teeth, red pupils, and clawed hands. Unlike most Sanses, he does not have a glowing eye.


Cleanser is most notable for being very cynical and misanthropic. He's also exceptionally rude to Ink. Usually, he's very unserious. He's moderately lazy as well, but not as lazy as Classic Sans. He's disgusted by Fangirls who draw Yaoi and Fontcest. Not only that, but they also make him pissed off as Hell.

Powers and Abilities

  • Telekinesis: He possesses telekinesis like Classic, but the target is outlined in red when this happens, and he can move around their entire body, even if they don't have a soul.
  • Gaster blasters: He can also summon gaster blasters, which resemble large dragon skulls with six eyes each. Like his own bones, they are colored in very dark grey And outlined in glowing red haze.
  • Bones: His bone attacks are also very dark grey and surrounded in red haze. They are also covered in barbed wire and occasionally doused in PoH32Na2KCl7, also known as Polonihydrotoxin, or Demon's Bane, an impossible element compound (thus breaking the laws of physics) created by Spectron. The toxin causes paralysis, intense pain, chance of tumors forming in the body, and will result in an absolutely painful death.
  • Syringes: Due to being created by Spectron, he carries syringes as well. These contain toxins such as maitotoxin, Wolf's Bane, Cyanide, Polonium, Arsenic, VX, and more. The syringes are modified so they inject the poisons upon impaling the target.
  • Laser beams: Cleanser can fire blue laser beams from his hands and eyes. They vaporize their victims within a matter of a few seconds, but they are able to be reflected easily by mirrors.
  • Eraser: In this ability, he summons a magic eraser and erases an AU or concept from existence. Usually cringey AUs or concepts.
  • Teleportation: He also possesses long-range teleportation.
  • Specific immunity: By this, it means he cannot die when fighting someone who's linked to Fontcest, yaoi, etc.


  • Not very experienced with fighting
  • Weak to someone who has determination.
  • Though he might be invincible to people linked to Fontcest and yaoi, and all those cringey subjects, he's still a normal foe towards people who aren't linked to them.


  • He's a cousin of Error.
  • If yaoi art is made of him, the artist will...let's just say..THEY'LL HAVE A BETTER TIME IN HELL.
  • If you wonder why I called this article Cleanser!Sans instead of Sans/Cleansertale or Sans (Cleansertale), it's because Cleansertale is not an AU.

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