This is a list of all of Cinder's creations! This is all of her OCs and AUs, with links (hopefully) and a short description!


  • Blizzard - She is a random OC that I have created, who is mostly based off of Whiteout from the book series Wings of Fire. I just kinda made her randomly. idk. XD
  • Cyclia - My first Undertale OC to be created.
  • Chito - He started out as 'Cyclia's brother' and turned into one of my favorite characters to be created!
  • Honera - My headcannon for the dark blue soul. She's based off of the soul of Integrity from 'The Thought' and one of the people who was in my class. That's about all there is to say about her...
  • Ian - Honestly, Ian is a male version of me when I was like, ten. Except he's more patient then I ever was, because he's the soul of patience. He's the light blue soul in Forevertale.
  • Kyler - I have nooo idea what happened here. She started as a third sibling to Cyclia and Chito, who was just there cuz Cyclia and Chito needed a guardian, into... basically the antagonist of Forevertale.
  • Miemy - A out-code of mine. If you want to understand what she's like, listen to the song 'I'm a Crazy Weirdo and I'm calling you!' That song is her in a nutshell. Though... she is a bit more complicated then she lets on.
  • Rache - My main out-code. Her creation story is very funny, actually. I started with her abilities, then gave her a design, then got a name, and then I finally decided her backstory/personality. Normally I do the exact opposite when I make OCs, so this is really weird for me.
  • Rose - She's basically Fluttershy from MLP, honestly. I didn't base her off of Fluttersy, but it kind of just... happened. IDK. There are a few key changes, but they are really similar. She's my headcanon for the green soul- the soul of kindness.
  • Tinatil - My last out-code character. He's the only one that ha almost no information on this Wikia. And the only thing I have to say right now is that he's made of rainbow goop...


  • Crashtale - I changed when Undyne x Alphys happened, and it just got CRAZY from there. I don't know how I came up with it.
  • Fighttale - If Asriel listened to Chara and fought back when they went to the surface.
    • Fightfell - This one will actually be pretty interesting.
  • Forevertale - An AU where Chara and Asriel never died! And I also moved all of the events closer together for plot reasons.
    • Foreverfell - Forevertale and Underfell! I'm actually really excited to make this one. The plot is really messed up by having characters being mean, so this is gonna be fun when I get to it.
    • Foreverswap - Forevertale and Underswap! Sounds fun, right? (I know. I'm so cliché.)
  • Pixeltale - The first AU I created! It then slowly disintegrated and then I rebuilt it and now it's Rache's AU. I might re-create what it originally was later though.


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