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Chocotale is an AU animated on YouTube in which monsters have started to eat a lot of chocolate.



As well as Frisk, Chara is the only character who is normal, while the others are at its own AU theme, being addicted to Chocolate, Frisk seems to be the antagonist in this AU since they make Temmie to sell Chocolate because they love it. However later on we find out it's a new character called Alloy, who is a shapshifter created by WD Gaster (who managed to somehow escape the void). Alloy was actually shapeshifting into Frisk, purchasing the chocolate from the president of the humans, and selling it to Temmie, the entire time, not Frisk. Sans, in this AU, always buys more chocolate so he could eat it, whenever he sees a chocolate bar in front of him, he will steal it, and eat it.

Sans in this AU,  is the fattest Sans of all, as he ate too much chocolate, the effects of eating the chocolate have affected him greatly, this is shown by his pupils, which have turned chocolate like, his teeth are brown, and the colour of his magic attacks are no longer blue, they are instead, brown.

Note: Alloy is the fusion of Chara and Asriel's souls' hate combined, an amalgamate, of the siblings, but an evil, intellegent amalgamate in saying that.

Season 1

Main storyline: "Asriel and Chara's fight about chocolate and fight against eraser (Error) and creator (Ink)" Ep1 - Chara wanted to give Asriel chocolate but then she hit him. Soon as we see Asriel stole Chara's chocolate.

Ep2 - Asriel hides in his bedroom. Chara found him. Then Chara hit Asriel. Ep3 - Chara is healing Asriel. Asriel said: "Stolen friends chocolate is best chocolate!". Sans knocked on the door. Chara opened the door, and we saw that Sans has chocolate eyes and teeth.

Season 2

Alloy is shapeshifting into Frisk.

Mystery man is Gaster.

ThE TemMiE seLling CHocOlAtE. Hoi!!!!!

Alloy, Flowey and Gaster.

Chara turns Determinaton SOUL into Hate SOUL.

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