but i want more!
— Sans is Needed chocolate Bar.
Chocotale is an AU where monsters started to eat chocolate, then get addicted to it, wanting more.



As well, Chara is the only character who is normal, while the others are at its own AU theme, being addicted to Chocolate, Frisk is the antagonist in this AU since they make Temmie to sell Chocolate because they love it. Sans always buys more chocolate so he could eat it, whenever he get a chocolate in front of him, he will steal it and eat it.

Sans is the fattest sans-es than the others, as he ate too much chocolate, the effects of eating chocolate is his pupils turned into... chocolate, and his teeth is brown..

Alloy is asriel and chara fusion.

Season 1

Error sans attacking Chara and Sans,

Asriel said: But the creator said Chocotale is going to end at ep#7 ;-;

ink sans is protect the AU. (True?)

Season 2

alloy is morphing with Frisk.

Black man is Gaster.

ThE TemMiE seLling CHocOlAtE. Hoi!!

Alloy and Gaster.

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