Wanna fly? I can take you flying!
— Chito

Chito is a character in the AU Forevertale, created by Cinder. He is an orphaned monster who lives in Snowdin with his two sisters, Cyclia and Kyler. He is good friends with Frisk and Monster Kid and his best friend is Ian. He is nine and goes to Tri-City School.


Chito has short messy brown hair with pink strands in it and blue-green eyes. Chito looks mostly human, but he has small feathers that are a pinkish tan color and larger feathers that come out of his back as wings and where his tail bone would be as a tail. His large feathers are dark brown with green lines going from his back to where the wing tips. His nose is sharp, resembling a beak but not fully being one. Chito's face will often be dirty.

He wears a big dark green shirt with two dark redish-pink stripes that slant towards his right on his shirt. His sleeves are long enough to go far past his hands. Chito wears loose pants and plain sneakers. His wings come out of his shirt and his tail out of his pants.


Chito is very kind to everybody, but usually has a disregard for rules. He is very friendly and means well, even though his ideas can be catastrophic. He gets into trouble a lot, at school and outside of school. Cyclia will follow him most places. She will often try to protect him, which he finds annoying, as he thinks he can take care of himself.

He can be a little manipulative, as whenever he gets in trouble outside of school, him and his friends manage to get away from it since they're just kids, and he uses that to their advantage.

At school when he gets in trouble he will try to get out of it by apologizing, but he usually doesn't. If his friends are involved, he'll take the blame to get them out of trouble because he is scared of being in trouble but he doesn't want his friends to get in trouble for what is always his ideas. He follows rules more at school because he knows that if he gets in trouble there Kyler will find out. Chito loves Kyler but is scared of getting in trouble with her, as she's his legal guardian and she is very strict.

He will always stand for what he believes and he will always do what he thinks is right. He will be a rebel sometimes just to annoy people who he doesn't like.

Chito is very hyper most of the time.




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