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Chisk is a Chara and Frisk fusion who is often paired with the quote "fills you with discomfort" instead of "determination". Originally a vent character, Chisk is their creator's Undertale-sona, in a way.

Chisk doesn't have an established AU, and the creator (chisktale) has stated that they are just kind of an AU of their own.



Chisk wears a small green sweater with a pink and another faded color with it. They also wear what appears to be jeans. They have faded pink cheeks and a light yellowish skin tone.


A few of Chisk's characteristics include self-esteem issues, 'resting sad face', and collecting pretty rocks.


Chisk just has Discomfort with them. They don't have a sort of power or ability.


  • Discomfort
  • Chisk's gender is debatable
  • Chisk's abilties are just Discomfort as neither Frisk or Chara has a special power.



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