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"Greetings. I am Chara, the Cosmic Destroyer. Goodbye."
– Chara to an opponent as he's about to kill them.

Chara is the Cosmic Destroyer and incarnation of evil in the Alternate Universe The Choices We Make.



Chara is psychotic and homicidal. He enjoys destruction and killing in slow, creative ways. His power has corrupted him even further, tearing away any sense of morals.


Chara wears a lime and peach stripped shirt, brown pants and brown shoes. He has red eyes and black wings and wields the Real Knife.


In the year 2010 A.D., Chara fell into the underground. The Dreemurr family took him in. He was good friends with Asriel Dreemurr, the young prince. At first he only mildly disliked humanity. Eventually, his dislike grew into hatred. He and Asriel devised a plan to break the barrier themselves.

Chara ate poisonous buttercups and eventually died. Asriel absorbed his SOUL and crossed the barrier. The humans of the village saw Asriel holding the body and thought he had killed the child. The humans attacked Asriel without mercy. Eventually, Asriel made it to the garden and turned into dust.

Powers and Abilities

Chara is a Cosmic Destroyer, meaning he has unlimited power and is immortal. He is not bound by the laws of physics and can break them to suit his needs.


Chara's insane lust for blood and destruction has overridden all logic and reason. Only another all-powerful being can defeat and kill Chara.

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