Chara is one of the main antagonists of Storyfell. 


"Oh, we are going to have an issue! =)"
– Chara, before battle


Chara is lazy when it comes to doing daily tasks, however, when it comes to fighting, all gears are on. Chara admires violence and is slightly mentally unstable. Chara is highly hostile but patient prior to battle.


They have darken eyes. They wear a red shirt, black pants, red/black/white shoes, and a dark red winter jacket with a white, ruffed "fluffy" hood.  

Powers and Abilities

Chara learned to fight alongside Asriel, being taught by their mother Toriel, and later came to mastery under the tutelage of Massachite. She holds an artillary of black knives in possession, can generate heat attacks with her knives and semi-powered fire attacks. Chara can also summon Gaster Blasters- 

Chara is very skillful in fighting. Ironically, besides being so deadly and erratic in offence, they posses a stable form in attacking, thus being even more deadly. Chara can achieve their peek alongside Asriel in a duel performance with dashes, jumps, and attacks. Chara is extremely dangerous along side Asriel. 

"You have a lot to go for pal. You should not even have to guts to continue in this horrible place."
(-before fighting Chara)



Asriel is the only one in the underground, that fully accepts Chara. He protects her and cares for her deeply. He doesnt show it tho. Just like UnderFell Papyrus, 


Toriel is a tolerable representative with Chara. They are distant however, only consulting in important affairs.


Asgore is despised by most of the underground along with Sans. Chara has no feeling towards the scientist however.

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