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Chara is a human. They are the entertainment for the entirety of the Underground.



Chara is a confident, charismatic, and charming TV host that loves drama, action, and violence. They live for his ratings and adores performing. They supposedly strike a pose when they do something wrong and makes time on their various shows to beat up "heel-turning villains." They show a rather shallow appreciation for existence at times. However, despite their seemingly narcissistic personality, they deeply care about the seemingly positive impact their show has had on the inhabitants of the Underground. They were formerly a human that had passed away, but Muffet injected them with Determination. Being a human, they could handle it.


Chara has reddish brown hair and red eyes. Their hair is shoulder length.

As their normal mode, they wear a shirt with a green and yellow checkerboard pattern, gray pants and black shoes. As their EX form, they wears the same shirt, black pants and green boots. As their NEO form, they wear a green shirt, yellow pants, green boots and has a cannon attached to their right arm. Unlike Mettaton NEO, Chara NEO lacks wings.


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