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Chara is the mother of Asgore and Toriel, she is also the Caretaker of the Ruins. Chara loves making puns and usually talks to Burgerpants through the giant door that is the exit of the Ruins.


Chara is very caring and loving but a bit overprotective, especially when you tell her that you want to leave the Ruins and return home. She deeply hates Asriel but still thinks that even though he is a horrible creature he still deserves mercy. Chara describes Asriel being a person that lives in the past. In combat she can be very aggressive and powerful when you hurt anyone she knows or loves. After the pacifist ending Chara visits Burgerpants and Nice Cream Guy.


Chara has longer hair than her original counterpart and has dark red eyes. She wears the same clothes as Toriel. If you flirt with her on the cell she will flirt back and say something like "Did you sit on a pile of sugar 'cause you've got a sweet ass". Chara is still around 25 when Liam falls down, the reason for this is because the human souls were collected very quickly and only 5 years passed since Toriel and Asgore died.

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