Chara is a character in PersonalitySwap. Instead of swapping personalities with Frisk (as one would expect), she swaps personalities AND places with Asriel. Also, in this AU, Chara's female.


Chara looks like she does in canon Undertale, except her shirt has more stripes. That's all.


Before her death, Chara was a docile, unadventurous, and loving child. She cared for her brother as a sibling, and she trusted him when he came up with a plan to escape the Underground that involved them consuming buttercups.

After Alphys resurrects Chara without a SOUL as Flora, she becomes incapable of feeling love. This makes her bored and resentful.

After temporarily regaining her compassion, ahe apologizes for her actions to Frisk and realizes the gravity of her actions as Flora.


Flora is the reincarnation of Chara.


Flora looks exactly like Flowey, with noticable differences.

  • She has Chara's cheeks.
  • She has a brown outline, reflecting Chara.
  • She has a slightly greener stem.

Other than that, the same.


See above.

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