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Chara Dreemurr is the protagonist of

the AU LogTale by StrikeYoko on



  • LogTale CS: Charas appearance is quite similiar to the classic version. She wears a green sweater with a yellow stripe in the middle and under it a white shirt with brown shorts and brown boots. Her brown hair has shoulder-length and is always a bit touseld, her eyes show a clear red. She always has a melancholic expression on her face and wears the heart locket around her neck.
  • LogTale CT: Her appearance is the same like in CS, the only changes are, that she's a ghost now ( so you can't see her legs) and she doesn't wear the heart locket anymore.
  • LogTale CL: Changes of appearance aren't confirmed yet, but she will definetly look different.


LogTale CS:

  • Asgore - adoptive father; Chara has a stronger bound to him than to Toriel, Chara and Asgore also share their dedication for gardening
  • Toriel - adoptive mother; Toriel is always worried about Chara
  • Asriel - adoptive sibling and best friend; he and Chara are always together and Chara would do everything for him
  • Undyne - Chara made friends with her quite early, because Undyne was Asgores pupil at the time and always around the castle; Undyne taught Chara also basic combat
  • Dr. W.D. Gaster - Chara knew him before he died, as former royal scientist he had also to take care over Charas mental health. They got along, but Chara was always nervous when she saw him
  • Alphys - they barely know each other, Chara just saw her sometimes in Gasters Lab. After witnessing Alphys experiments after becoming the new royal scientist Chara started to dislike her.
  • Sans - Chara never met Sans, but he knows her

LogTale CT:

(additional to the relationships above)

  • Frisk - even if they aren't able to see or hear Chara at first, Chara likes them. Frisk good actions are giving her hope and filling her with Determination.
  • Dark Chara - Charas split personality which she just calls 'it' or 'dark side' in the beginning. To save Asriel Chara has to get rid her somehow, but Dark Chara herself wants nothing more than destroying Chara, for yet unknown reasons.

LogTale CL:

  • Frisk
  • Asgore
  • Toriel
  • Sans
  • Papyrus
  • Mettaton
  • Alphys
  • Undyne

--> This list will expand in the future.


  • low self-confidence
  • speaks in a formal manner
  • introvert and warily; is thinking a lot
  • often feels responsible
  • cares for those she love
  • loves chocolate, drawing, flowers and Toriels butterscotch-cinnamon pie
  • even if she seems happy, there is always a glimmer of sadness in her eyes
  • makes mistakes
  • suicidal tendencies, also tends to harm herself
  • deep mental problems, like depressions and a strange form of DID (dissociative identity disorder)


  • Knitting
  • Gardening
  • Basic Combat Skills
  • Determination Perks: Time manipulation, weapon summoning
  • ???? Perks: ????,????


  • Theme colour: Green
  • Theme instrument: violin
  • related Undertale tracks: Determination, Home, Once upon a time, Premonition, Undertale, Finale, Hopes&Dreams, But the earth refused to die, Don't give up, It's raining somewhere else, Memory

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