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* The contents of this page are from a non-canon source, and thus, have no bearing on the official lore of the AU series. But sometime, it may became canon, later... Don't you think?

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Ink!Chara (A.K.A. Sketch!Chara or Sketch) is a character from Inktale. Ink!Chara is NON-CANON to Inktale, though the version in this article is Alphasaith's interpretation.


Ink!Chara was one of the drawings in the unfinished AU _____tale. Even after Ink!Sans had found a way out, Chara just continued to exist within _____tale. After a long time, Rhosaith had come across this universe. The characters of the anti-void that was _____tale had dispersed across it, all but Chara. Rhosaith had eventually invited Chara to come with her to join her fleet, and leave the AU behind.


Ink!Chara's equipment is a trench coat, sun glasses, a sexy fedora, a bookbag containing art supplies, a foldable sword, and a concealed SMG. The foldable sword and the SMG are located under their trench coat.


Ink!Chara, being genderless, doesn't wear clothes. There's nothing really to hide. On occasion, when the weather demands it, they wear a trench coat. Their entire body is covered in "tattoos" that are basically their construction lines. The only piece of "clothing" they wear all the time is a messenger bag that carries all their art supplies. Their favored art supplies are a mechanical pencil and a kneaded eraser.





Though Sketch doesn't tend to feel attracted to others due to being incapable of reproduction, they still somehow feel attracted to One. (TheDarkestDecent will have to add what One thinks of this, if she even knows about it.)

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