Trying to kill me? Good luck with that.
— chara
Infinite Chara is the real enemy, better not mess with them...


Chara has a black toga with red decoration at the bottom, red eyes with one black pupil.


Chara was a nice child in the past, but after their exile, they've changed into a monster...


  • Has a powerful special knife called "The Hell Knife".
  • Skilled with knives.
  • Soul Manipulation.
  • Gravity Manipulation.
  • Rest.
  • Timeline Awareness.


Chara was adopted by The King of The Gods (Asgorus), they lived like a family.

One day, Asgorus had to go to an important meeting with the other gods, he told Chara to stay away from his room while he is gone.

Chara was smiling and agreed, while Asgorus went to the meeting, Chara was curious about Asgorus's room, they had never been there before.

Chara decided to enter his room even if they "promised" not to enter, They were amused by his room, it was smooth white with beautiful decorations on the walls and a black box with a skull drawn on it.

They decided to open the mysterious box and found The Locket of The Undead, that locket has the dark power to bring back the dead and corrupt them into powerful creatures, it's also made to keep the balance between Light and Darkness.

Asgorus came back earlier than Chara thought and he would, he grabbed their hand, took the locket and told them: "Once you touch that thing... you won't be able to go back..."

Chara said: "What do you mean by "go back" father?"

Asgorus replied: "You will lose yourself for eternity, I'm sorry but you are exiled from my kingdom..."

Chara wanted to cry but instead, they were smiling and laughing like a maniac... they stole the locket from Asgorus's hand and said: "Father... you will pay for what you have done, I will make you regret everything..." and vanished.

Asgorus fell on the ground, crying...

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