This isn't a game, Frisk! Stop acting like it is one!
— Chara

Chara a main character in the AU Forevertale, created by Cinder. They are the first human to fall and were adopted by the Dreemur family. They are female and they are 17 in this AU. She is good friends with Bratty and Catty and well as with Alphys, and her best friend is Asriel.


Chara has light brown hair that she has dyed the tips of red and redish-brown eyes. She wears a light green shirt with a single yellow stripe on the shirt and sleeves. Her hair goes down to just above her shoulder. She always wears two necklaces. One is small so it stays close to her neck and has a golden heart on it with the words 'best friends' on is. The other is longer, it's a thin silver chain with a small bottle on the end. There is white powder in the bottle. Chara wears long brown pants and plain black shoes. Her fashion sense is very similar to Frisk's.


Chara is closed off from almost everyone, and will not explain her reasons and justifications for her emotions and actions. She has positive feelings for monsters and cares about all of the monsters in the underground, enough to die for them if it could help them. In contrast to her positive feelings for monsters, she hates all humans-including herself. Chara thinks the world would be better off if humans went extinct and monsters ruled the world; sometimes wishing she could kill all the humans.

She is also a perfectionist. She thinks that whenever she gets close to anyone, she ends up making their lives worse, but she still lets herself make friends. She has convinced herself, that because she is a human, she is a terrible person and always will be: that she is hopeless of any improvement. This attitude makes Chara not even try to improve most of the time, and while she is never suicidal, she will often start feeling like she is useless and the world would be better off without her if she does something wrong.

Despite her own view of herself, Chara is very loyal and will do anything for her friends and family, shown in how she was prepared to die to try and help free all the monsters in the underground, but would not let Asreil sacrifice himself. She will go to extremes to make them happy because of that she sees herself as already beyond hope of being a good person so she thinks that it's the least she can do. If her friends feel like they are doing anything wrong, she will always tell them that they are doing great and help them with what they are doing. She doesn't let anyone hurt her friends and will defend them violently sometimes without regret. Her friends and family are the most important things to her.


Before Chara climbed Mt. Ebbot, she was the only child of two parents who were both very abusive in every way. She would use school as a way to get away from them. Even though she was very alienated from the other students because she had only known the treatment she received from her parents, it was her favorite place to be. The treatment she received at home and the lack of caring from the teachers and students at school was enough to make her hate all humans.

When she was nine, she ran away and climbed up Mt. Ebbot, planning to live there away from everyone. While climbing, she almost falls into a hole in the ground. She backs up, then walks forward, trying to get a closer look. While moving forward, her foot catches on a root and she falls forward into the underground.

She yells as she falls, which alerts Asriel to her presents. Chara is scared for a moment when she sees him, but she immediately recognizes kindness, not malice, in the way he helped her up and she immediately let herself trust him. He took her home and Toriel healed her. Chara started to love the family as they showed her kindness that she had never seen from anyone before. She continues to go to school in the underground simply because the only place where she had been the slightest bit happy on the surface was at school.

When she discovered by reading the way to free the monsters, she wished to give up her soul so her family could be free. She told Asriel her plan, but he refuses, saying he couldn't stand to kill anyone, even if it was the only way. Asriel offers for Chara to absorb his soul, but she refuses. She was willing to pay her own life for the monsters to go free, but she wasn't willing to pay Asriel's. She didn't try to convince Asriel any further.

When more humans fell, The Dreemurs didn't adopt the other humans because Chara had expressed her dislike for other humans, until, because of the tension around the fact that they had enough humans in the underground to brake the barrier, Toriel and Asgore adopted Frisk to protect her.



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