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The demon that comes when people call its name."
– Chara on Frisk's Second Genocide

Chara (said Kara), also known as The First Human, The Fallen Human or The Angel of Death, is the first fallen human.


Kid Form

Chara is a human with brown hair, blushing cheeks, and, wearing a shirt like Asriel's.

When they wink you can see a Save Point appear.

God of Death

Chara has the same face and hair, but, has Toriel's Robe like the God of Hyperdeath.

No scar things, though.

Angel of Death

As the Angel of Death, they have Red Wings, the orb thing Asriel has, and, their Wide Eyed Face.



Normally, Chara's kinda like Frisk, except, they hate humanity.

Their blushing cheeks are because Chara's happy in The Underground.

Post-Pacifist (first Pacifist)

After Frisk's first Pacifist, although they were happy monsters were free... they couldn't feel.

They told Frisk a Genocide's better and...

Frisk agreed.

They want monsters to die.



Chara was Frisk's Guide, and, the one who killed.

After killing Toriel, Frisk started to kill.

It was f u n .

Asriel Dreemurr

Asriel was the one who found Chara in the underground.

He, for their 6th Birthday, gave them a Locket.

They made the plan.


Toriel was the reason Chara's so nice.

Well, why they were.



Ah, the reason how Chara knows how to fight so well.

Chara got their knife, from him.

It was a bad idea.


Before Flowey became nice, Chara liked Flowey, and, wished that they could hug him.

Now, Chara hates Flowey, though.


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  • Chara's favorite color is a redish Rose Color


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