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In this AU, Chara is replacing the chaotic villagers (Temmies in Undertale).


Just look like Temmies but with a creepy Chara face.

In Battle

Their battles is just all and nothing, they can throw knives, try to bite you or jump at you... They are just crazy, mad, but funny!


  • Friends: Charies (Chara) and Monster Kid
  • Neutral: Everyone
  • Hate: The protagonist and Temmey


Since one of them disappeared (Temmey), Temmies became crazy and mad and are now named Charies, due to their behaviors which are very close from the Chara's behavior.

Trivia & Quotes

-Never make angry a Charie of bad things can happens.

-Buy something from their shops or they might take that the wrong way.

-They are always plotting something.


Every Routes:
You're a stranger and also a human great.... All things that I hate!! You should do rapidly your business here, before me and my friends decide to kill you and to taste your flesh! MHAHA!!
— A Charie (Chara in DarkTale) at charies village
Genocide Route:
Oh! Another killer like us! Finally I found a NICE person! Hmm? You are here to kill us? okay.... We have to told that WE ARE THE SUPREME MURDERERS OF THIS WORLD!!!! Try to kill us if you can!
— A Charie (Chara in DarkTale) at charies village

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