"Azzie, your my best friend. And, I promise. This plan will work."
– Chara on Tape 4

Chara's one of the main characters in Charatale.

Their the first fallen human, and, one of the protagonist alongside, Frisk and Flowey.


Why did they climb?

They knew humans were horrible. They told their mom they wanted to go to, 'admire the view'. They really went to commit suicide.

Did they love The Dreemurr Family?

Of course!

They spent a lot of time with Asriel, though. Toriel and Asgore thought they were just shy.

It was really because he understood.

He knew what it was like to not feel loved.

He wasn't loved by anyone at school.

It was just because...

well, that'll be on his page.

The Plan

The Plan

[Chara] Okay. You ready, Azzie? So, I eat the buttercups. Do you know why?

[Asriel] No, Chara. I don't. You just said that.

[Chara] Gosh, sorry, Azzie. Well, I eat them so you can absorb my SOUL. Than, cross the barrier, and, than, get 7 human SOULs.

[Asriel] I don't want to kill any humans, Chara!

[Chara] Azzie, big kids don't cry, remember?

[Asriel] Y - yeah... I remember. I'll go get the flowers.

On The Surface

[Human #1] Look, that monster!

[Human #2] Is that... it is! Chara! It killed them!

[Asriel, God of Hyperdeath] I - I didn't, humans! Let me explai -

[Ghost!Chara] A - Azzie...

[Asriel] I understand. Why you hate humans. ... they kill. Let's go home, Chara.

[Toriel] Asriel! Oh, no... are you alright?

[Asriel] No... mom... I... I can't feel anything... Mom... Dad... I l o v e y o u , O K ? . . . g o o d b y e . . .


  • Chara hates humans because they kill.
  • They tried to convince the humans to not kill, but, failed everytime. They died, reset, over, and, over. Until they told their mom they were going to Mt. Ebbot.

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