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"Do not kill, and do not die, alright?

That’s the best you can do, Flowey."
– Chara, in the epilogue

Chara Dreemurr is major a character in Changedtake. She swaps places with Asriel.



Chara is not a demon.

They do not like killing, at all.

They, one day, heard Asriel, their adopted brother, say something.

"... these flowers... the buttercups... their poisonous, right?" he looked at Chara, and, Chara nodded.

"Chara... I have a plan to free monsters.


it involves my SOUL."

Asriel explained it.

Ever since they died, Chara's been scarred.

That's why they thought it was...

'Kill or Die."


Chara has pink blushing cheeks, normal skin color, red eyes, and, a green shirt with one stripe.

God of Hyperdeath

As the Absolute GOD of Hyperdeath (named by Asriel in the check text) they have the cheeks, skin color, and, red eyes.

But, they have Frisk's blue robe with a pink symbol around the delta rune.

Final Form

Their final form looks basically exactly like Asriel's.

Their wings' red are bigger.


When the war began, they were 5.

Their family fought for the monsters!

Frisk, their older sister, was 7.

Chara knew why the war started.

A Temmie, Tem, for some reason, went killing!

Chara and Asriel stopped them...

but, 5 humans & 5 monsters died.

The humans declared war, sense they were worried it'd happen again.

Asriel fought for humans...

and, wasn't sealed.

When he fell, Chara was happy.

Their best friend!



Asriel is Chara's best friend, and, younger brother.

Granted, he is only one month younger, but, he's younger!


Frisk is Chara's older sister, by 2 years.

Frisk goes by them and they aswell.

Monster Kid

Monster Kid is Chara's adopted older brother, and, the same age as Frisk.

He trips a lot though, which makes Chara and Asriel giggle a bit.


Toby is Chara's Soulless Self.

The Annoying Dog's dust was close to Chara's body.

Since Chara had Determination, they became Toby.


they were Soulless.


They hope Flowey always stays Determined.

They know Flowey can SAVE and LOAD, unlike most.


  • Chara and Frisk are the only humans in history to have Determination SOULs

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