Chara plays a supportive friend in a pacifist run,who wants to make sure you never give up.Well in a genocide run they are very vocal about the fact they are disgusted by your actions.


Chara Has a short gender neutral light brownish red hair cutThats red the bottom have pale skin.They wear a black shirt with one green stripe,along with brownish red shoes and pants that match their hair.Chara has dark brownish red eyes rosy pink cheeks and They always smile,and has a buttercup in their hair.


Chara is a kinda hearted child who would do anything for their family.But if Frisk chooses to kill they will become angery with Frisk and fight them as soon as they have the power to.



After Chara fell There soul broke causing half to disappear.The same thing happened to Frisk but this time the broken half of Chara's soul connected to the broken half of Frisk's soul.


When Chara fell to the underground Asriel found them and took them home.The two of them be came best friends were as close as siblings.

Toriel and Asgore

Toriel and asgore took Chara in and treated them with equal respect to Asriel.

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